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So far as texting while driving, the blueprint is already there: these companies report to the FCC and law enforcement anyways, so run an activity track on your phone through your carrier's network in case of suspected TWD.

I think it could just be categorized under reckless driving. Since catching in the act is difficult and unreliable.

Law enforcement techs have talked about this.

Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis View Post
Actually I think the way they got the data was fine, so long as they account for enough variables (like seasonal differences), and have enough data points. The police department information would be skewed because they are not interested in counting every car, just ones breaking the law.

Although something more interesting would be to grab the number of active cells with GPS transmitters indicating speeds of over 20 mph or so. Would give much more targeted data, although probably isn't the best precedent.
Well, law enforcement has been looking at ways of eliminating high speed chases. A cell phone as a tracking device isn't too far out of the realm. Still, Onstar equipped vehicles apparently can assist law enforcement.

There have been studies done into utilizing directed EMP to disable (translation FRY) the electronics in a car to stop high speed chases. In fact one company offers equipment for serious researchers. It's not too terribly complex science either. Problems here: Underpowered and it won't work. Overpowered and it'll cause collateral damage to other vehicles. The point of research would be to innovate a practical but effective means of utilizing this.

Still, I can already see a more practical idea of what's going to happen: Switchboxes incorporated into future car designs where law enforcement has a god code RF signal that throws the switches and shuts the car down. How to implement it? Make it mandatory all cars have it and older cars must incorporate it in order to be legal to drive. Law enforcement has talked about this for the past several years now--so it's not as though I'm giving any ideas to the gov't, cat's out of the bag now.

Positive: Safer roads (not guaranteed)
Negative: Just one more way the government definitely has power over you apparently b/c they know best and you don't. Why? The minority who have to screw it up for everyone else. (And how noob law enforcement could play a nasty joke on you )
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