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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
Indeed. Many here judge the series by the movie, others say it's a kids show and don't even give it a shot. (and also forget that Star Wars movies were made for kids too.) I wished there was a Star Wars tv series like this during my childhood.

Many people out there say that the tv series is even better than the prequels. (Which in terms of story and acting, they're right)
That's a great point - I absolutely wish there was something like this when I was a kid. Hell I'm grateful for it now. With the droughts SW fans have had to suffer through, this is actually a really good time to be a fan with all that's out there and what's to come (i.e. the live action series).

Additionally, I have 2 kids (5 and 3), and sometimes my kids actually get scared during the show. The recent episode with the Geonosian mind-controlling worm-things freaked them out. There are also some pretty brutal deaths for a "kids show". One recent example is Bariss Offee and Ahsoka confronting a trooper that had been "infected" by the worms - the solution was quick and simple - a lightsaber through the chest at point blank range. She literally placed the hilt to his chest and ignited the saber. Not gory, but not aimed at kids either.

Ignoring the Mandalorian issue, which I'm still unsure about, I really like the direction Dave Filoni is taking the show.

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