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Originally Posted by Johnathon-Mk II View Post
Not true, while it is more common than other disorders, it is a very low chance that you could have it. Larry King discussed this on CNN.
Yes I think it's clear I don't care what Larry King thinks on anything. I'll take the opinions of my mother, the therapist, my aunt, the psychologist, and my uncle(who has more degrees than either of us).

Source? Autism is more important than you think.
I said "I think", as in: it is my opinion. And "more important" than what? More children in this country have bad vision than autism.

All parents think their child is important, or even more important than others, so Autistic Kid Parents are not much different than normal parents. They have to go through a lot, especially with low-functioning Autism.
As I am aware, but that does not make them better parents. Just as having a hard job does not make you a better worker, nor does chewing overcooked meat make you a better eater.

Only qualified doctors can be truly sure it is Autism, usually psychiatrists.
I'm quite certain that anyone who disagreed with you you would call "unqualified", and you would be equally quick to call those who agreed with you "qualified", but that's just IMO.

Really, because usually Autistic children are either bullied, harassed, or made fun of because they are "weird" to other kids. I've seen this at many schools which hold both Autistic and Normal Kids. So, in fact, they don't Lord it over other people. Aspergers is a beautiful experience which only few can be in it, but that doesn't mean they/we are better than you or others.
Kids are bullied for being white, for being black, for being gay, for being smart, for being stupid, for being girls, for being boys, for wearing certain clothes, for watching certain shows, for eating certain food, or just because somebody has nothing better to do.

And my opinion of you thinking it's a "beautiful experience" can be summed up in:

Its not an obsession, it's a serious issue that many have addressed. This debate is over that issue. As Jae said we all have a little abnormality in us.
Which is irrelevent to my point. People are different, they always have been, they always will be. What makes you special is not that you were born with 3 legs, 40 fingers, or a mental condition. What makes you who you are is your accomplishments. The things you do with your life. A condition which was not of your making is not something to be proud of.

Originally Posted by Jae
There are plenty enough sick people out there that we reasonable docs don't need to intentionally misdiagnose in order to 'make a living'. Secondly, misdiagnosing leads to a. lawsuits and b. loss of license and c. loss of career. Thirdly, intentionally misdiagnosing to gain more revenue is called fraud, and will get us put in jail along with getting slapped with hefty fines, so we don't do that. OK, there are a rare few try to do that, but they get caught eventually.
If there is going to be a misdiagnosis, it's far more likely that it's because the doctor was skipping doing tests in order to see more patients in a day, and thus missing critical signs of disease. There are 2 people in my entire career of working with hundreds of doctors who I would report to the state boards, and both were running patients through the mill and not doing tests they should have been doing. As a result, they didn't diagnose the diseases that were patently obvious to any 2nd year medical student if they'd just taken the time to look properly. I have read a story about cataracts being over-diagnosed by a surgeon in Chicago, so that the surgeon could get the revenue by doing the surgeries, but that guy ended up in jail after getting caught doing that a few years later.
Because certainly, no doctor ever misdiagnosed a kid with ADD because their parents wanted to put their kids on some pills. Yes, doctors certainly never do unethical things because they always get caught. I'm sorry, but your statement is just silly, just plain and simply it's silly. The idea that everyone who breaks a rule or skirts the line is going to get caught and even if they do, get seriously punished is silly.

Originally Posted by Johnathon-Mk II View Post
You'd have to be Autistic to know I've always been smarter than those in my class, mostly because I think it has been my Aspergers syndrome. It is thought to affect a person's intelligence, usually positively
Hmmm, I guess I have aspergers too since I've always been smarter than many of my classmates! Maybe it's just me, but I have no intention of either discussing any conditions I may or may not have, or even caring if there are others I don't know about. I want to be defined by my actions, not by the fact that my brain has a different chemical balance than others.

Welcome to the club!
Aspergers is not a special club. This is exactly my problem with kids today, you define yourself by what's wrong with you not by your accomplishments, and even when you accomplish things, it's "in spite of" or "because of" your problem. Come on!

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