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I have the following mods installed in my override folder;

Ajunta Pall's Unique Appearance
Bastila's Black Undies
Watcher07's Calo Nord Recolor
Shem's Character Reskin Pack Version 2.0
Time Lord's Czerka Clothing Fix
Deadeye Duncan on Manaan (The newest one, not the first one)
Shem's Enhanced Merchants,
Darth333's EZ Turret Minigame mod
The EZ Swoop Mod (Also by Darth333)
Sekan and Seamhainn's Garrum and Tar'eelok Restoration Mod
Svosh's Good/Evil Bastila Clothes mod W/ Kazeite's LD Bastila Clothes Skin
T7nowhere's WOTOR 1.1
ZimmMaster's Walking Animation Fix
Shem's Enhanced Dark Side Transitions
Shem's Custom Party Member Portraits for K1 Version 2.0
Revan's Cape Animation fix

That's all the mods I have installed right now. Could any of these be causing the problem? When am I supposed to be able to get to that part of Mission's story? Am I just trying to get it too soon?

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