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One of the things that I had a hard time understanding growing up was sarcasm. That took a lot of patience to finally understand it. Once I got a better grasp of it, I was introduced to the internet and understanding it there was very difficult for a while and it is a bit still of a small struggle compare to what I did deal with.

Of course symbols like or were not big when I first started using the internet in 1995. And when people did do little appreciations, I totally overlooked them in a sense where I didn't really see what they were using them for.

Originally Posted by Evil Q View Post
It's not how I interpret your behavior that you need to worry about nearly as much as how those within striking distance will interpret them. If you want to get your ass kicked both physically and psychologically on a regular basis, then be my guest. You need to realize, however, that you're setting yourself up for it for the simple reason that most people won't give a tinker's damn that you have Asperger's. Hell, most people have never even heard of Asperger's, let alone know anything about it. They'll just see you as someone in desperate need of an attitude adjustment, and they'll react accordingly.
Couldn't have said it better myself.

@Johnathon-Mk II: Let me remind you of something that I know about you already by seeing your comments. Some of it is Asperger's just because I see some of myself in them and some of it is the attitude you *CHOOSE* to have. I would strongly suggest a bit more humility if I were you, especially since some people will have a hard time understanding you or have the patience to and I believe our personal relationships with our peers is very important in coping in this world.

But you don't have to do anything I suggest. It's your choice. So look at what I'm saying as a strong suggestion and remember that Asperger's is listed as a disability, not something gifted people have.

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