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Originally Posted by Johnathon-Mk II View Post
You're right on the arrogant part, but some things have to be experienced first hand.
No, some things don't have to be experienced first hand. We can learn just fine from the mistakes and successes others experience.

Originally Posted by Johnathon-MK II
It's just my opinion, but why the big argument over it?Never did I say or ment that I was the smartest thing around. Sure I was saying I was smarter than I would have been without Aspergers, but that doesn't mean I am the smartest thing in the universe.
a. you don't know if you would have been smarter with or without the Asperger's. Intelligence is controlled by multiple genes and a host of environmental factors.
Why the big argument? First, it's not an argument. It's advice. Second, I prefer people not put themselves into a position where they can be teased or bullied. We're pointing it out here in the hopes that you'll take our advice on arrogance and save yourself some teasing/bullying. If you act like you're intellectually superior in your class or with the people around you, it's not going to go well for you. That's not meant to be an insult, that's meant to be friendly advice. Take it for what you will.
Originally Posted by samnmax221
You don't have the perspective to make that call. A lack of empathy is one of the effects of autism spectrum disorders.
I agree on this in general. Not every single person with Asperger's/autism may experience this, but it is certainly a feature of the disorder.

Originally Posted by Web Rider
Because certainly, no doctor ever misdiagnosed a kid with ADD because their parents wanted to put their kids on some pills. Yes, doctors certainly never do unethical things because they always get caught. I'm sorry, but your statement is just silly, just plain and simply it's silly. The idea that everyone who breaks a rule or skirts the line is going to get caught and even if they do, get seriously punished is silly.
That's why I qualified my statement by saying no reasonable docs would do that. Are there unethical ones out there? Sure. I don't consider them reasonable docs. Do they get caught eventually? A lot of them do. The guy who was over-diagnosing cataracts got caught because he billed Medicare for a lot more cataract surgeries than his colleagues did. It took awhile to catch him, but not only were the penalties for him very steep (Medicare wanted all of his fees back, plus penalties), but he lost his license permanently, and did jail time for it. That doesn't even begin to touch the civil suits that followed by outraged patients. With so much of billing computerized now, it's very easy to track which docs are using what diagnostic and treatment codes, and track who's billing more of certain procedures than average. Those docs get flagged for investigation and their charts get audited. If the insurance companies find that the doc isn't following accepted standards of care, guess what? The insurance company takes their payment back, along with penalties, and sometimes bounces that doc from their plans. If patients think they're getting over-treated, they report that doc to the state board. The state board investigates. If they find something wrong, that doc can lose his license temporarily or permanently. No reasonable doc is going to risk getting slapped with fraud charges and license revocation.

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