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Originally Posted by Johnathon-Mk II View Post
Ugh. You guys are taking my statements way too seriously.
There's no other way to take it unless you qualify it with a smiley or something that indicates there's some humor or non-seriousness involved.

Originally Posted by Johnathan-MK II
A. I don't act superior in class, go ahead and criticize me for just saying that, I said I was smart, but that doesn't mean I was the smartest in my class.
Actually, in post 45 you did say this:
Originally Posted by Johnathan-MK II
I've always been smarter than those in my class
This means to me that you do think you're the smartest in your class. It's very hard to read any other intent into that statement than "I'm the smartest in my class". That was why a number of us made the suggestions we did.

Originally Posted by Johnathan-MK II
b. I've seen kids who act superior in class to others, and they get the **** beaten out of em. I don't say "Hi guys, you all are dumbasses, and I am smarter than you. Hahaha" which is just stupid and something which also says "Kick me please", but that doesn't mean I will act indifferent from the class.
You can be defensive if you want, or you can take our advice, which is meant to help you. It's your choice. Getting mad at people here will do you no good, and could be problematic if your posts fall outside the boundaries of the rules. Keep it civil, please.

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