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Originally Posted by TKA-001 View Post
That Revan became a Sith as a direct result of running into the Sith in the Unknown Regions is a concept that tons of people already believed anyway. Besides, it takes Revan's awesomeness down a few notches in the best way possible - I guess he wasn't completely true to himself all along, after all (if the idea's that distasteful then you can just say he began his own agenda after being sent back to known space by the Sith, anyway, so nothing is actually lost). TOR may be ****ing up previously established canon, but at least it's not being discriminatory about it; the rain falls on the just and on the unjust, as they say.
The idea of the secret Sith Empire is not outright stupid because of Revan, but because "secret" Empires seem pretty freaking ridiculous. They should seriously consider renaming the Unknown Regions the Plot Device Regions. Need a new story? New enemy appears from Plot Device Regions. Need a resolution? The secret is in the Plot Device Regions. Need someone to disappear? They travelled to the Plot Device Regions.

And it's not just Kreia's opinion of Revan, there's everyone in the first game- the Masters talking about how he defied them, or the Disciple in TSL who says the same. We also know for sure, regardless of the decisions you make in-game, that Revan is supposed to be very intelligent. Canderous talks about how Revan was the only Jedi bold enough to take real action against the Mandolorians. And Kreia certainly has an inflated opinion, but even that's got to based somewhere in reality. Having Revan be nothing but a tool is silly because he clearly wanted to be his own boss, regardless of whether one thinks he "never fell" or was corrupted like anyone else.

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