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Wrote I was going to stay out of this thread, but since volunteer duty has made that impossible I’ll add another ½ cent.

Intelligence will only get someone so far in life, how one relates and deals with others is just as important to happiness as being intelligent. That is what makes my cousin’s condition so difficult to me. She amazes me at times with what she comes up with at her age. However, her inability to easily relate meaningfully with others saddens me as it seems like a lonely experience to me. With patience and stubbornness I have built a friendship with her, but most people are not as hardheaded and stubborn as I am. I think she trust me, because even though she is different, beyond being more patient with her, I have not treated her any differently than her brothers or sisters. She holds a special place in my heart, but she is no more or less import to me than the others.

Still if I had to power to make her more like her brothers and sisters, I would. Not because I think less of her, but because I believe it would make her life easier and happier. Since I don’t have that power, I will just make her life as happy as I possibly can.

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