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Originally Posted by Zerimar Nyliram View Post
Is Revan really that awesome? Or do most people like him so much because of the "big revelation" that your character is actually him? I always thought Revan was way overrated and that Malak was the better enemy (and a far better character in general).

Thus, I am unaffected by this new direction that they've taken Revan's story in.
I've grown to appreciate Malak more since my first playthrough of KotOR, but I always thought he was kind of weak as a Lord of the Sith-type enemy. Revan's mystery is what makes him appealing to a lot of people. That might be stripped away if we learn too much about his fate in TOR, similar to Boba Fett when we all found out he's just a clone.

Also, just comparing Revan and Malak, based on the story we do learn, Revan moved and inspired masses of people (Jedi included) to fight for his cause - Malak just took the reins from him with the sneak attack, and then failed at Revan's hand again later.

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