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Originally Posted by Zerimar Nyliram View Post
Is Revan really that awesome? Or do most people like him so much because of the "big revelation" that your character is actually him? I always thought Revan was way overrated and that Malak was the better enemy (and a far better character in general).

Thus, I am unaffected by this new direction that they've taken Revan's story in.
Revan is talked up by virtually every character in both games. Granted, we can't know too much about his personality because you make his decisions, but we can definitely gather that he was headstrong, clever, and just generally more powerful than Malak. Malak was cool but not terribly interesting- there was no moment for me where he did something unexpected, or where I saw a side of him I didn't know of before. He may have been smart as a commander, but he was single-minded and static. (It might only be that way because we don't get to have any heart-to-hearts with his followers or fans, the way we do Revan's, but either way he's not presented as interesting.)

I like Revan because all the different stories of him make him feel very real and dynamic, while still leaving him ultimately an enigma. TKA-001 is definitely right with the fanboys of Revan making him out to be awesome to a retarded level, but I still think him being hyped-up by people in-universe isn't unreasonable; stories always grow in the telling.

Edit: And to be more on topic about it, it's not that I think it would be impossible for Revan to have been coerced into helping a pre-existing Sith Empire, it's more that I hate the whole idea of a secret sith empire lying in wait, and including Revan and Malak in this sort of trite failure of an epic would trivialize both KotORs into something so much lesser than what they are now.

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