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As usual, AMD is treading water in a lull of releases from nvidia. They do pretty much the same thing in the CPU game too. AMD fanboys (past or present) like to look back in awe at the days of Athlon's dominance and wonder what happened... the truth is that AMD didn't as much as trump Intel but more so that Intel made a bad decision with NetBurst at the time.

AMD promised to knock our socks off with Phenom... they didnt.

Anyway, nvidia has the money to do it, and GT4xx will get JHH back in the lead of the eternal pi$$ing context that is the GPU market, even if the margin isn't astronomical.

I'm not sure why AMD s so proud of their DX11 dominance...there are <5 DX11 games on the market atm ...... 6 months ago, this was even less meaningful!

That all being said, If you game at up to 1080p, an AMD card will give you plenty of bang for your buck.

@Q - what alternatives are there to the CCC?? I have a HTPC stuck on an AMD card. I'd sincerely love to not see those horrid red themed loading screens again


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