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Originally Posted by Te Darasuum Mandalor View Post
how can we tell what is and isn't spam for this thread?
Please read the SW:K Forum Rules (click me)

mimartin was entirely correct in his Moderation. Resurrecting month old threads with a sentence long reply violates Rule 8. f) of the Forum Rules

Originally Posted by SW:K Forum Rules
8. f) If you want to add something to a thread that you have recently posted in, and no one else have made any new posts in, edit your last post in the thread instead of creating a new one. If several days have passed where no one has posted anything and you have something substantial to add to the thread you may make a new post instead.
You neither used the edit function, nor did you add anything substantial to the thread in question; you just in fact spammed it with a post which contained nothing new to the conversation, and indeed your previous post (1 post above your now deleted one) contained far more detail.

What you did also, incidentally violates rule 6 of the forum rules too;

Originally Posted by SW:K Forum Rules
6. Bumping

Please do not make posts simply to move the topic back up to the top of the forum. This is called ‘bumping’ and is not allowed. If people have something relevant to post on that topic, they will.
It also breaks Rule 5. a) on spamming too;

Originally Posted by SW:K Forum Rules
5. a) Do not post messages that are irrelevant to the topic or attempt to derail the conversation. Your posts should contribute to the thread in some manner.
Your posts did not contribute anything new to the discussion and as such were spam.

Originally Posted by Te Darasuum Mandalor View Post
When I said something that did in fact have to do with the post, someone told me it was spam.
That someone was mimartin, and he was again correct with reference to it being spam.

Originally Posted by Te Darasuum Mandalor View Post
Then it happened again for a similar reason. I stuck to the topic, what did I do wrong?
You added nothing to either topic, and resurrected threads which had seemingly run there course. If it happened for a similar reason does that not tell you something? Furthermore I hope I have addressed exactly what you did wrong.

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