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Chamging the mannersims and the body movements

Would anyone be interested in creating a mod that makes realisitic body movements and mannerisims for the characters for the KOTOR and TSL? After all, all the chacters have same mannerisms for whatever their emotion is. Considering the fact however that I have not found that anyone who has tried yet, I'll give anyone who might even be planning to do so the benefit of the doubt may be difficult and complicated to do so and has been busy with other things like the cut content, graphics, combat system etc. So if anyone can and is willing, a million thanks and compliments.

Sorry, and I'm embarresed for this, but since I was doing way too many things at once, I knew should have put this in the requests forum, but I forgot i was in a different forum. Apologies.

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No worries, moved to appropriate forum. -- j7

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