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Yes, but this forum is not alone. Many other forums have those kind of people who join and only post once or don't post at all. What's the point of joining if you don't even want to be part of the community?

Anyway, back on topic of TFU 2, I would have liked to see a continuation of the DS ending for Ultimate Sith Edition as an addon or an extra part, just to see what happened, because it left a lot of cliff hangars. I know it's not canon, but that whole plot was really interesting. What happened to Gelen, Luke, the Rebels? Did luke become Galen's apprentice, did the rebels go bye bye, Did luke gill Starkiller? all these questions left unanswered. Sure Galen said "Very good my apprentice" at the end but that still confused me. If there is to be an explanation for the events in USE, let it me in TFU2. Hopefully, LA will have the brains to keep Galen alive or either put another main character in his place
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