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Lightbulb Maybe some help

Originally Posted by kivasfajo View Post
I just started playing, and I've gotten to the 4th mission. You have to use your Y-wing ion cannons to disable the prisoner shuttles. The only problem I seem to have is that my Y-wings don't have an ion cannon. The ion cannon button is gray'ed out, and when I order my Y-wings to use their ion cannon ability, they just sit there and do nothing.

What's wrong here? Is there a trick to getting them to use their ability? Do I need to do something else before I start the mission?

Also, when do I get to build an Officer Academy? I have barracks on all 7 of my worlds and I still can't build one.
Well last time something like that happend to me (I lost Darth Vader) I just had to replay all the way to that mission and hoped Vader was there. and yes it worked. Soooooo you just have to replay the rebel campaign
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