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Posted more info from Metacritic. Here's some more of the "user reviews" they posted:

Johnny M. gave it a 3:

There's not nearly enough in this game to either make it appealling to Star Wars fans, or PC gamers. The control scheme is wretched, and the number of holes in its plot (NOT just its disrespect for the canon lore, but its *ridiculous* attempt at a romance story, to the utterly uninspired "betrayal" or the lamest excuse to put Darth Maul into a game I've ever seen) In all fairness, Sam Witwer does a decent job as Starkiller, and the graphics are decent enough. But with repetitive levels (The level list goes: Kashyyk, Imperial Factory, Junkyard planet, Felucia, Imperial Ship, Bespin... uhhh... Kashyyk... again... Felucia again, Junkyard Planet... again... Come on REALLY?), awkward controls, a discouraging story, unengaging secondary characters and force powers that respond as well as a golden retriever with ADD amped up on meth this game has very little to save it. Last of all, this is the first Star Wars Jedi type game where I felt drastically removed from the powers of the force. Outcast, Academy and Dark Forces II all did a wonderful job of making the player FEEL like a part of the force... the games had a decent flow. This seems to take away from that... there's something very specific missing from it. Maybe it's the lack of first person, but I feel like it's more in the mechanics of the powers themselves. This though is more a personal gripe than an actual critique of the game itself. 3 for decent acting and nice enough graphics (that didn't have as much PC customization as I'd like).

Crow Bar gave it an 8:

Yes, there are some flaws. One that stands out, taking down the Death Star "boss." Extremely long and boring and ultimately frustrating. But beyond that, this is a damn good game. Its true, it pisses all over Star Wars lore. I dont recall Luke ever battling Vaders apprentice in Hoth, but gamewise, its good. SImple as that. The powers are very cool. Its incredibly satisfying to impale a force held trooper with your black lightsaber. The little additions, such as costume and the different gems and colours for lightsabers add to it. If your a fan of Star Wars, but not a fanatic, you'll truly enjoy this game.

Paul gave it a 2:

Clunky, awkward, and not very good. Hard to use force controls and a lack of first person view both suck.

Jeff H gave it a 2:

Ok, it's fun. It's Star Wars. It's one of the worst ports I have ever seen. No AA, No Bloom, restrictive resolutions. If you are going to port a game to the PC, port it right. I have a PC because my GPU kicks PS3 butt. So I see no advantage of buying this for the PC. I want my AA, I want my Bloom. I want my 2048x1152. Hopefully this will be patched. I doubt it though, and I won't buy another stupid Port.

Nathen S gave it a 9:

I agree with Alec M all the way this game was truely under rated by far to many it certainly doesnt take long to beat and that is absolutely the only reason I personally won't purchase this game yet but 29 bucks or less... my god you will get the bang for your buck. 50 to 40 however I felt was too much for such a short game but still a great game none the less easily to the point to where I would have bought it at full price if I had the money to throw away.
Of course, see the link in the opening post to get the "full reviews."

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