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Cylax's interest in Slate increased as he learned that the man is an assassin.

So that explains how he was so quick to get behind me with his blaster.

He continued to allow Slate's words to flow through his mind as made his claim. Cylax looked down to the sith girl and than back to the assassin. He was surprised to see an assassin take interest in another person's life, especially a sith.

"Besides, if you say you aren't going to torture her to get the information out of her, then you have to use some form of persuasion, which is exactly what I was going to do, making all of our discussions moot."

"Well Mr. Slate, I wouldn't call what I do persuasion. As with most things there are two sides like Jedi and Sith. It works the same way for non torture interrogation; you have persuasion and you have intimidation. Its clear enough for me to see though that I cannot intimidate you and you can not persuade me though."

"So can we both simply agree that we all need to come to a rational decision on the matter, and put this beside us right now Sir Cylax?"

Cylax looked at Slate's extended hand for a few seconds. He was either very trusting or incredibly cunning; Cylax suspected him of both.

"Unlike you Mr. Slate, I do not care if the girl lives or dies...however I do want that information. Alright, I take back my statement of questioning the girl." Cylax shook the man's hand with his free arm, "...but the next person we interrogate, we do it my way."
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