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Originally Posted by Knight Of Honor View Post
In most fairytales or adventure stories we never really get to dive deep into the main villain characters. They mostly serve only as an obstacle for the hero. Just like we dont really get to know much about Sidious in the Original Trilogy. Sure i agree they should have extrapolated more on Malaks character. But i like Malak. He has been a Jedi all his life, he knows stuff! A superficial fool could NEVER be a Sith Lord.

IMO Malak showed some character! We even get to see a shred of his human side just before he died.

But remember that Malak was still pretty young, and with all the power he had, you have to expect some boasting and some talk of crushing enemies.
Well I mean, that's fair enough, but it doesn't really make anyone unjustified in thinking Revan is a more interesting and developed character. Even if we don't see any direct development of him, a lot of different characters give accounts of how he acted.

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