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Ashtin walked with Moxie, his arm draped over his shoulders as he held her slightly close to him. As they walked he couldn't help glance over his shoulder a few times to look at Darius. So that baboon was now Moxie's instructor, that situation himself gave him an uneasy feeling, last thing he needed was for Moxie to be more rash.

"So tell me Darius, what do you plan on 'teaching' Moxie anyhow?" Ashtin said trying to keep his attitude in the positive range.


Rusu could hear footsteps in the background. The level of spiritual energy varied between the three that approached. There were many odd thing about this place, and Rusu was looking forward to his talk with Manson about the operation he had started here. Not a lot was known about this place to Rusu. That didn't make him uneasy in any way, just more curious then usual.

Rusu's eyes stayed upon the entrance to the cafeteria door hoping for a glimpse of the ones that maybe walking by. While his eyes stayed fixed upon the door, his right hand continued to pick up piece of dried banana's, cherries, and apples. The sound they made when his teeth crushed down upon them was slightly thrilling to Rusu, the vibration upon his mouth was a pleasant and welcome feeling.

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