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Annoying Menu bug, help! Delayed input while selecting

Hey everyone!

I just got GF installed on my old retro box. I'm running a P3 800mhz with a Voodoo 5 and a fresh install of Windows 98se.

When trying to use the F1 menu, I have a very strange problem. While scrolling with the arrow keys it will delay taking my input till I press another key. So if I scroll down till the options menu is highlighted, it actually has another down arrow press "stored" and then if I press enter it brings me into the save game menu. That problem translates into anything I try to do in the menu, very irritating!! I also have to press F1 twice to get into the menu, is that normal? Seems like the first time I press it the game just pauses.

I have the patch installed and I think DX8.1 is installed. I tried video card drivers and reinstalling the game. Any ideas?

GF looks amazing with the Voodoo 5 AA, I can't wait to play it! Thanks!
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