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I've searched through the internet but couldn't find it. I have an azerty keyboard, so ` doesn't work in dragon tool to open the console. Does anyone know how I could change the binds or how to open the console ? Otherwise I can't make animations

EDIT: I just had an idea for the vstr command. It does work in SP after you've enabled cheats (that's the way I've tried it out). But for the Primary and Secondary fire: If I made an vstr command to toggle between them, like

"set mouse1 primaryfire; echo .... (Don't really know what has to come after that)"
"set mouse1 secondaryfire; echo ..."
"set firetoggle vstr firetoggle_on"
"bind x "vstr firetoggle"

with x an unbound key.

Would that work? And I'm gonna need some serious correction for the commands ...

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