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Originally Posted by Lord Foley View Post
Well I mean, that's fair enough, but it doesn't really make anyone unjustified in thinking Revan is a more interesting and developed character. Even if we don't see any direct development of him, a lot of different characters give accounts of how he acted.
I do agree. Revan is one of my all time favorite characters as well. But i hear so much negative Malak criticism around, and i just think its really unfair.

TSL doesn't **** up KotOR, nor does TOR **** up TSL, both simply add more depth to the previous entry in the franchise.

TSL do add more depth. Love it! But with TOR they are starting to **** KOTOR & TSL a little. Im afraid this massive project will kill the KOTOR magic, and turn the franchise into a huge cliché, just like the rest of the Star Wars EU.

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