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Originally Posted by Quanon View Post
You're now where I was at my first steps at 3D modelling. You know a few bits and bops, but lack some experience. You ain't doing bad, hang in there. All these graphic programmes demand a certain dedication.

Keep messing about. In the end you'll learn you're own way of doing things.
I can only point you out somethings, deliver a tip, but in the end everyone has his own way of doing 3D.

Really, just keep doing it. The results you see now, are only here because I've been trying for like 5 years or so. If I look back at older moduls I made... boy, I feel ashamed.

Trust me, 3D takes awhile to get a good vibe out of it. That is, IMO, the hardest part. You'll feel like a noob for quiet awhile. But you'll get more insight. Just hang in there.

This is really something important, something I can't put into a tutorial. A lot of this 3D business depends on how hard you want to achieve something in it.

EDIT: I almost ignored the bit about the walkmesh. My main issue now with the walkmesh is that you can't make it cross in height. Say you have a bridge, crossing over another part of your walkmesh. That doesn't work. The lower part of your walkmesh blocks, cuts off, the higher part of your walkmesh.
Thanks for the support. Besides, I don't think I'll give 3D up just yet! Aside from the frustration, I really enjoy modeling 3D stuff for games. I think I'll just hang in there, as you suggest!

ABout the walkmesh thing, I think I get it. You mean that if you have a lower floor and a bridge somewhere higher, you can't walk on the bridge, right? Or am I wrong? Anyway, I didn't know that TSL has these restrictions. Thanks for mentioning it!

Originally Posted by Quanon View Post
Héhéhéh, thank you. I still doubt that title. I might look "godlike" but I'm not.
Just browse about some of the more active 3D forums on the net. And you"ll see that what I do is peanuts. The kotor games are very forgiving. They're getting old. Very old compared to all the graphic finess modern games are showing. Infact the 3D the games are using is very crude.

If I would have to model for like a game like ME 2, you"dd see I aint that great. There's still a great deal to learn for me.
I doubt that last one, but I'll believe you! Still, for me, and I believe for many others, you are a 3D God, pal!

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