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Originally Posted by Quanon View Post
Oh, dang, looks like I forgot to mention this. Rather important
This would be a story loose from Revan or Exile. They're not involved.
Perhaps it could be a GenoHaradan mission - kill a target without using force powers or a lightsaber. Since there seems to be a difference between rthe GenoHaradans between k1 and K2, I'll point out that this mission could work for either the either ultra-secretive GenoHaradan assassins from KOTOR1 or the GenoHaradan death-cult assassins that were cut from KOTOR2.

If, for example, you used it for K2 - it could remove lines spoken by everyone else (that you would also have to add back in) about the GenoHaradan's existence. If you don't kill the end bad guy, G0-To would be back to saying that "the GenoHaradan are of no concern." It's not a big reward but that way you use your set AND folks can hear mention of the GenoHaradan in K2 without anyone screwing up the existing plot. I think an interesting character to spawn this mission would be the Trandoshan you can ask about all the bounty hunters. (It might be fun to play as a different alien for a mission anyway.)

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