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Any interest in LucasForums Gaming Nights?

I'm working on starting weekly LF gaming nights. Would you guys be interested in joining in? I figured we'd naturally play some LucasArts games, but not exclusively.

Right now, the biggest hurdle in setting this up is picking a day and time.

Here's a poll I made. If you'd do it really quick (it's only 5 questions), it'll help me get an idea of what we can do time-wise. Personally, I'd prefer something Thursday to Saturday in the evening to late night (eastern time zone).

I have a home server I can run dedicated servers on. Right now I have Battlefront 1 & 2, Half-Life 2 Deathmatch, Team Fortress 2, and Left 4 Dead dedicated servers installed. I can always add more.

Also, we don't have to stick with PC games. We can play 360, PS3, or even Wii multiplayer games (if people have them). Jae Onasi has expressed interest in a Rock Band 2 event.

I plan on using the LF Community Steam Group to organize this. It has announcement and calendar events features. Plus, it has a chat room.
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