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Originally Posted by Zerimar Nyliram View Post
But I guess if you look at it from the perspective that this tribe was an offshoot of the Sith and had departed so far from traditional Sith doctrines that they would not be taken seriously by the "true" Sith (Bane's order), I guess it's not very serious.
They are direct descendants of Naga Sadows Sith, a Sith Order unbroken since the Dark Jedi Interbred with the Sith species (6900BBY-5000BBY as part of the Sith Empire, and 5000BBY-40+ABY on Kesh)... and to my Knowledge Darth bane (Circa 1000BBY) invented the Rule of Two. How are a previous order of Sith, who have no knowledge of Bane, Hundred Years Darkness, Sith Defeats at the hands of the Jedi etc, who do not follow this doctrine, break the Rule? I'm not arguing, I just don't see how they are subservient to Bane Maybe I have missed some literature hehe.

BTW I'm Talking in universe, obviously in GL's eyes the Sith Started in 1000BBY when the Republic did (lol@continuitybetweenfilmsGL)

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