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Mmmm, GenoHaradan is pretty elite. I am reall aiming for a more marginale setting... petty thus and such. Mind, you could of course get to cross the GenoHaradan in one of the tasks given to you. I don't want you to directly work for that organization or against, perhaps what your new PC does is to disrupt it severly. Just as a unforseen consequence

Also the using of a Trandoshan is a neat idea. I want it to be very colourfull experience. And TSL has the most useable alien models.

Plus I like the night live idea in SW; the plan is to have 3 differant clubs. A underground style one. Dance floor is a platform above a pipe pit . Second club is the more standard "classic" as for as that goes in SW setting. Third is the rich club.

Great stuff for meeting NPCs and just to get in some fun.

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