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Weren't you working on another TSL planet? Not sure how well this would work, but its something I thought of that could tie both into TSL.

When landing on your first planet, T3 tells you that someone has sent an encrypted message entitled "Surviving Jedi", but he can't decrypt it so sends it to a datapad to you. On several planets there are people who you can take it to(these are Kiph, swoop shop drop(blind guy's droid, can't recall name), the alien outside Khonnda, etc. After a short conversation they tell you they can't decrypt it because its top of the line hardcoded, but they know someone who does. They then talk about this new planet/station/etc that you are making and that Jedi would be shot on site/Ebon Hawk is banned from getting anywhere near it/Plague(or another reason) has caused it to be closed, and that you'll have to have someone already there to find the man who sent you the message. Luckily for you, he knows somebody and can send a message to them when you're ready.

They send the message, yahdayahda, You play as a Trandoshan going through a storyline, etc looking for the sender. After he finds him, they discuss, he sends a message back to the Exile saying that the message was saying that there is another surviving Jedi on Aqualaris, he transmits the coordinates to you and the planet appears on your galaxy map.

That is, of course, if Aqualaris was planned to have a Jedi(not necessarily a master, imo, having more masters makes the game look cheesy at times), and if they were released at similar times(could be remedied by just putting a message that Aqualaris will come soon, etc.
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