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"I don't know. Why don't you go ask Droo yourself? I mean, she might have a "better idea" than me." with that, Lyna left the room and burst into tears. Cade rubbed his eyes in annoyance. He shifted his attention back onto Syanna and the determining what form of interogation to set on her.

"Oh I'm starting to like her! Though I'm faltered you'd agree with me over your girlfriend, you probably should have sided with her on that one no matter how right I was."

"Every relationship has its disagreements. I dont think Lyna has fully grasped that concept." Cade replied. "Besides, I only agreed with you because what your suggesting techically isnt torture - its bargaining."

"So can we both simply agree that we all need to come to a rational decision on the matter, and put this beside us right now Sir Cylax?"

"He's right. We cant just stand around all day discussing ways to interogate her." he crossed his arms. "We'll play it your way, Slate. But if she proves more trouble than she is worth, we'll take things up another notch."

"With Lyna gone, that just leaves two force sensitives in the room. Two should be enough anyway to act as human lie-detectors."
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