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((Did ya read the PM I sent ya, PK?))

As Lyna was almost done packing, she heard a voice outside her door.

"Are you alright?"

Lyna sniffed, and cleared her throat. She didn't want to sound too sad. "Um... yeah! Yeah, I'm good. Just need some alone time, ya know?" She packed a few more things, and after that, she was done.

She then wrote a message on her datapad saying:

Dear Cade,

I'm really sorry for the way I acted. But... I don't know if this is gonna last. I'm sorry for everything. And to the group as well.



She placed the note on her bed. Then the young woman got up quietly, and walked towards the large balcony of the window. She extended her arm out for Cyan, who jumped on, crawled up to her shoulders, and rested there. "Hang on, girl," Lyna whispered to Cyan.

Using Force jump, Lyna jumped on one of the rooftops, landing safely. She slightly turned back to where Cade and the others were at. "I'm so sorry..." She then headed for Rawk's hangar...


Syana looked at everyone, biting her lower lip and waiting for them to do whatever they needed to.

"Well'p. Looks like I failed, master..." she thought to herself.

Droo came to Cade and everyone. "Kids? The bacta tank is ready for her. We must place her in there now."


"Have you ever met another cathar in your life?"

Micah squinted his eyes, thinking. Then he shook his head timidly. "Not that I remember. Why, ma'am?"

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