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Originally Posted by Disturbed205 View Post
Yeah, I can understand, you want the down and dirty old italian mobster vide.

Perhaps something simple, like turning a terminal in the ebon hawk into a video game console or something. :P

That's a fun one, though the scripts for the Ebon Hawk module is pretty "fat" in TSL. I don't want to mess around with that file much. It easley breaks the entire game.

Originally Posted by Sith Holocron View Post
The toughest job isn't coming up with mission apparently, it's how to connect it to the rest of the game.
Yeah, you're all doing your best and I seem to shoot it all down
>_> not good...

Perhaps Atton should be the main character. A story out of his shady past.

Originally Posted by greggomonkey View Post
you could always be a former bounty hunter looking for vengeance or something.
Neat idea. I'll consider this, could be interesting.

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