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Originally Posted by Darth Banana View Post
Let me say it louder:


Lolz, I love saying that. PS3's rarely overheat, mine has never overheated, plus they get better gameplay, better graphics, we can surf the internet, do a lot of things that 360s can't.

EDIT: Anyway, hopefully the PC version is atleast playable and can compare wit the console version
Well, every single website comparing PS3's and Xbox 360's grpahics says that the Xbox 360's is better. There are plenty more websites if you want.

My Xbox 360 has never overheated and I've played for very, very long times before.

And gameplay is all personal prefeference. Plus, every game has different gameplay so you can't say one is better than the other.

The Xbox 360's controller is more comfortable to hold.

The PS3's online play, although free, sucks. Even in peer to peer online games, the Xbox 360 rarely lags. The PS3's online play (excluding a few games) is almost unplayable.

The Xbox 360 gets a lot of exclusive content (extra DLC, more arcade games, more exclusives, etc).

The only thing better about the PS3 is that it has Blu-Ray and you can use the internet (which can easily be done from a computer).

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