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My sega genesis is twenty years old (and yes, I still play it from time to time) and it has NEVER EVER overheated. The games are that old too and not a one of them has stopped working. Only the controllers had a couple of buttons that were a little sticky, so I replaced the rubber pads in them.

Anyway, no PC release of course "sucks" (sucks to be snubbed anyway). I still haven't played the game, but from the look of it, what they need to do is update the saber engine. This "hack and slash" stuff was old hat years ago (1997). I'm sick and tired of third person 3D action games where you just pound the button and get combos and the computer controls everything with scripting. Sure it looks cool for videos and demos, but I want to actually be able to CONTROL my blade and do different attacks and swings, not just combos (and "earning" combos is so boring).

Well anyway, here's hoping they do port it eventually (do we have to wait another year?) and do it right. Sadly I don't expect them to do much more than just copy the Xbox360/PS3 version at this point, like they did with the previous game. I'd suggest a petition, but console gamer expectations are just set too low, and they seem unwilling to "risk" any money on a new PC game these days (notice how the only PC exclusives/firsts lately have been online games where they can charge a monthly fee).

Online multiplayer is a must, and after that, open modding would make a real difference (and not just a bare bones map editor).

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