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Originally Posted by Darth Eclipse
Well, every single website comparing PS3's and Xbox 360's grpahics says that the Xbox 360's is better. There are plenty more websites if you want.
Plenty of sites say that but some say also quite the opposite.

Originally Posted by Darth Eclipse
My Xbox 360 has never overheated and I've played for very, very long times before.
That's because your model has a built-in fan, other models you have to get it manually installed. Only in the Elite does it come with a fan, which means for money to spend.

The Xbox 360's controller is more comfortable to hold.
That is a matter of opinion. People have different hands and are used to different controller setups. But the PS3 is easier to get used to than the 360, unless you've played the original Xbox for years

The PS3's online play, although free, sucks. Even in peer to peer online games, the Xbox 360 rarely lags. The PS3's online play (excluding a few games) is almost unplayable.

If your PS3 lags, then that means you've either screwed it up or you just have a bad area for connection. Kids at school have both the PS3 and the 360, they say that their PS3 has much better internet play. So if you've played the PS3 and had lag, that just means probably a bad server or connection. I've played Modern Warfare 2 for quite a while and rarely to never have seen lag.

The Xbox 360 gets a lot of exclusive content (extra DLC, more arcade games, more exclusives, etc).
Same on the PS3

The only thing better about the PS3 is that it has Blu-Ray and you can use the internet (which can easily be done from a computer)
Yeah, but PS3's are most preferable to a simple computer, because you can do the same things on the internet on a PS3 as the Computer, but the graphics are much better and for me, less lag. Plus the PS3 has a keyboard which can be bought for a small price, as well as a remote for TV, which I sometimes watch. Plus there's more which I haven't really explored yet. But I do know that all the PS3 controllers and go wireless, and have longer lasting time without a cable, so you can play from a chair long away. Also you can download movies instantly via Netflix, which can be easier than ordering it. There's a lot more than I'm explaining so yeah
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