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I hate these stupid console arguments, but...

Originally Posted by Darth Banana View Post
That's because your model has a built-in fan, other models you have to get it manually installed. Only in the Elite does it come with a fan, which means for money to spend.
*Cracks open 360*

That's absolute rubbish, and i'm pretty sure you know that. Furthermore, anyone who's ever turned on a 360 knows there are fans in it because they're the loudest fans on earth.

And, if there were no fans, the damn thing would explode within twenty minutes of being turned on. Mine has never overheated, and I played Oblivion for 9 hours straight once.

Xbox 360 - The Guts

Yeah, but PS3's are most preferable to a simple computer, because you can do the same things on the internet on a PS3 as the Computer, but the graphics are much better and for me, less lag. Plus the PS3 has a keyboard which can be bought for a small price
Oh look, i'm using a keyboard on my computer right now.

I'm not going to argue on the graphics, while I have excellent graphics on my PC, not everyone can afford to spend 850 on a brand spanking new computer, making consoles the better option in that instance.
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