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Originally Posted by MrWally View Post

Dang man, I couldn't tell from the WIP photos, but that looks really slick. Great job! Totally jealous now. I spent a summer working in a woodshop, but I don't think I could pull off trying to make that and have it turn out looking so nice.
I've only ever made furniture before, but that gave me a good enough start for this project I suppose. I figured the worst that could happen with this is I **** up and end up having to purchase one. I come from a family of woodworkers and entrepreneurs, so it may have just been some luck brought on by genetic memory.

I really like those swing pictures. Did you take classes recently or as a kid? I've been looking into taking Salsa lessons to improve my speed and rhythm as well as my coordination between my upper and lower body. I used to do classical dancing as a kid, which definitely helped in my natural ability to retain a balanced foot, but it's been a long time since I've done any dancing.

Originally Posted by Pie™ View Post
so lately I've been invading Canada

sometimes you've just gotta stop the pillaging and chillax though

You should make a snowperson and pillage/rape it.

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