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Originally Posted by El Sitherino View Post
I really like those swing pictures. Did you take classes recently or as a kid? I've been looking into taking Salsa lessons to improve my speed and rhythm as well as my coordination between my upper and lower body. I used to do classical dancing as a kid, which definitely helped in my natural ability to retain a balanced foot, but it's been a long time since I've done any dancing.

I had never even attempted dancing until this past summer. I went out on a whim with a buddy of mine who learned how to dance in college (theater major) and the first night was really awkward because we didn't know any of the girls there and I had no idea what I was doing, but as time went on we made friends and I learned a ton. Eventually we got a few of my friends to join us and his brother and we met up with a large group from the next town over, and once we had regular dancers we started going twice a week.

Every social dance in this area starts with a lesson which is really nice, and then I learned the rest just from practice and watching friends who are better than me. I've only been doing it for about half a year (and it was only really regular over the summer) but I definitely already feel comfortable dancing in front of groups and teaching others. Swing is a pretty easy dance to learn and catch on to, it's the advanced stuff that gets crazy.

As for Salsa I can't comment directly, but I know all the places around here that have Salsa dancing follow the same system of a beginner lesson followed by a social dance. So just find friends who are interested and stick with it! It's an awesome (and relatively inexpensive) hobby and you meet some great (not to mention cute ) people.

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