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Well, I got the Sith Edition for PC for Christmas and I've played through the game once on Sith Lord. As tedious as it was, I think a lot of my frustration came from knowing that other people got really frustrated with this part. Granted, I haven't tried it on Sith Master, but it took me something like 15-30 minutes (it's so hard to tell when you're doing nothing but running back and forth zapping and dragging). I managed to beat it just by playing chicken with the TIE fighters and not stopping dragging it down until I was actually being fired on. I tried to hide behind one of the things that juts up so the TIEs couldn't get me, but when you initiate dragging the star destroyer down they put you in the center automatically.

I also didn't have any trouble with the arrows pointing the wrong way or anything like that, as I've seen some of you mention. Was it fixed in the PC port or was I just lucky? In short, this was a pain but didn't slow my progress through the game in any real way.

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