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Chapter V – First Payment

I awoke with a scream. All I felt was pain, and nothing else. I didn't know where I was, nor did I care. All I wanted to know it what happened. The med-tech entered with a start, noticing I was awake. She hurried to tend to me, as I nearly yelled “What happened?”

“I'm terribly sorry Admiral Siyn, but you were....damaged during the battle.”

“I know that. The extent?” I asked the question without hesitation, though in many ways I dreaded the answer, since I had many estimates on what I'd lost, all of them worse than the last.

She seemed apprehensive. “Well, I know this might be hard to adjust to,'ve lost your left arm, almost entirely. Along with that, your left eye is completely blinded.”

It was only now that I felt what she'd said. I couldn't move my left arm at all, and I noticed that I could only partially see. But when my vision lingered on my body, I noticed nearly a dozen cables and tubes in various places, most of them connected to the stump of my left arm especially. I sighed, then screamed. I wasn't broken yet, but I could already feel the cracks.

“Please, Admiral, clam down! You do have options, though they may take time to get used to.”

I relaxed myself. “What are they?”

“In your case, the best option would be a prosthetic. It is a very simple procedure, though you will need time to get used to it. Another option is-”

I stopped her. “A prosthetic would be fine.” She helped me sit up, and removed some of the few cables that were attached to my lower body, which was still intact.

“Alright, I'll begin preparations for the surgery.” She left the room, and I saw my lieutenant enter. Her name is Victoria Cole. She'd been in the Republic Navy just as long as I have, even the academy. When I was to be transferred to the Radiance, she pleaded with me to request her transfer. At first I was unsure of how well she would preform, but she proved herself time and time again. While she wasn't fond of what I did to Admiral Crowe, she still didn't voice her opinions. I'd asked her about it, just before Malachor. She said only that, 'I don't like it, but I don't think less of you because of it. I don't think it makes you a bad person, even if that wasn't the best choice. But still, I can't think of anything that would make me abandon you.'

“Mercedes! They said you were worse off, but it doesn't look like it.” She never was one to make things worse.

“Well, if you think losing your arm and being blinded in one eye 'Not that bad', I guess that would be correct. But otherwise, I probably got off light, compared to the others.”

She seemed quiet, before her mood seemed to change. “I...have something else to tell you. Revan is planing on taking a small fleet of ships to scour the Outer Regions for any remaining Mandalorians. It is her wish that you would accompany her. Revan doesn't mind if you decline, as it seems.” She bent down and lowered her voice. “Some of the others think Revan is lying about what the plans are. None of them know for sure, but they think it has nothing to do with Mandalorians.”

In truth, I didn't care what Revan planed on doing. Given the choice, I'd almost rather go for taking shore leave back on Coruscant, enjoying the high priced apartment that my ridiculous salary my new position as an Admiral gave me, at least once I received the needed prosthetics. But something about Revan's journey into the outer regions seemed much more enticing than vacation time.

“Even if it doesn't, I'm sure that you'll have many who follow her into that abyss. I might be one of them, depending on how long the surgery takes.” I looked her in the face. Her expression seemed to say that she was worried about something. “Victoria. If you have a problem, I'd rather you say something about it.”

She was hesitant, as I expected. “Well, I think that you are taking this a little to lightly. I mean, you haven't even started recovery yet, much less began the surgery, and you've already decided to follow Revan. Are you sure this is what you want to do? How much more are you willing to sacrifice for her?”

It was like she was pleading with me, trying to make me decide not to go. I wouldn't make that decision, but she did make me question how much more I wanted to lose because I opted to follow Revan's cause. But even as I asked myself this, I knew that what I would do for Revan was clear. While I wasn't totally bound to her will, I knew that following her would allow me to share whatever she had. Though I knew that it would lead me to a different fate than her, as I wasn't like her, or her other generals. Unlike Kauvo, I didn't think my fate was to follow Revan's orders until then end. I was going to follow my own path, no matter how much of it interceded with Revan's.

“Don't worry. I'm not acting like Reane. I'm not so reckless as to lay everything down for Revan. I'm only following her because she made the offer nothing more.”

Victoria seemed to change her tune, but even then I could tell she wasn't as confident about the whole thing as I was. “I suppose you would wish me to accompany you, Admiral Siyn.”

Laughing, I couldn't help but realize that she wasn't different, as much as she seemed it. Just like I had, she grew to respect authority, even if it was me that had such over her. Though I might've appointed someone else for the position, she was the only one I trusted. “Of course. Just like last time, it is only you that I believe to be most qualified to serve aboard my ship.”

She nodded, then turned to leave. I laid back down, just as the Med-Tech entered the room again, only it was a different one. Obviously a Twi'lek female, though this was nothing to me, even if I did think that she was highly attractive, I said nothing to her about it.

“Admiral Siyn.” I found it slightly odd that she chose to address me as such, but then many Tech's did that, so it wasn't exactly unusual. “The preparations are completed, so If you are ready, I can prep you.” She simply walked over to me, and placed what looked like a Military issue breath mask over my face. I didn't have the time to question exactly what it was, before I passed out.

Once again I found myself dreaming. Only, it didn't seem like one. I stood before the entrance to what looked like an old Sith Academy. Choosing to enter, I found myself in a large hall, before a number of kneeling students, all of them with the obvious sign of the dark side within them. At the end of the room, before an obsidian monument, stood two Sith Lords. One draped in black fabric, his 'face' hidden behind a mask, having the white-pallor of bone. The other had various cracks in dark grey skin, with various places showing signs of recent bleeding., along with a bloodshot eye. They turned to look as I approached them.

Kneeling, I spoke to them. “My lord, the Jedi Exile has moved. She plans to board the Republic cruiser “Harbinger”. The ship has been reassigned from its patrol duty, and tasked with delivering the Exile to Telos IV.”

The one in black robes spoke, though I had no idea what he said. Regardless, I responded. “Her connection to the force was severed at Malachor. However, with the right stimulus, it will be restored.
Once that happens, no matter the path she may choose afterward, she will become a threat to you.”

This time, the one with the cracked skin spoke this time, in a ferocious voice, once that shook the spines of the students behind me. “What of Kreia? Have you learned anything of her plans?”

“Yes. She plans to intercept the Harbinger at some point, to retrieve the Exile for her own purposes. These are unknown to me, but she has taken the Ebon Hawk. The ship that Revan left behind.”

“I want you to go to Telos IV. Should the Exile arrive there, I want you to inform me of it right away.” The one called “Sion” said, before he and the one in black robes left the room.

As I left the Academy, I felt myself in pain. The kind that kills you, the kind that isn't forgiving. Once again, I felt the way I had on the bridge. Damn what Revan said, I felt like it was over for me.

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