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With Lyna's response Dravin nodded his head and turned away from the door. Since he only wanted to check on the girl he considered that little side task complete. Now it was time to think of a plan to get off this planet and someplace where he could just get back to his old life. Which he wasn't sure at this point was possible, secretly he hoped that his life was not to intertwined with the events of those who really did not want him around.

As Dravin walked he crossed his arms and pressed them hard into his chest as he considered the possibility of temporarily obtaining a ship from the hanger bay. After all staying where you obviously were not welcomed was no place anyone would want to be. So his destination was in mind, find a ship and just fly. At that thought he laughed slightly to himself and began to wonder of this places defenses would shoot him out of the sky before he broke free of the planets atmosphere. But risks wouldn't be considered risks if there wasn't a possibility of losing something.

Dravin reached the hanger bay and his heart felt a little excited. Kind of like a little boy who had received the chance to shoot his father's blaster just one time. Memories and feelings like that often to not leave the mind so quickly. It was slightly sad to him that pain, and loss were more etched in the mind then those that were good. The array of different kind of ships was pleasant to see. As he walked through the hanger bay he examined each ship carefully, some looked like they had seen they're share of battle and needed repairs. In the distance Dravin saw Cade's vessel, but knew comendering that vessel was more likely to get Dravin unfriendly close to the wrong end of Cade's lightsaber.

Stopping in front of a vessel he placed his hand upon the cold steel of the ship and closed his eyes. Few minor repairs needed, nothing he couldn't fix. Even with out the repairs it was in flying condition. And what ever lock happened to be upon it, Dravin could easily by-pass it. With a slight shrug of his shoulders and a sigh Dravin walked up the Cargo ramp of the ship and started exploring the inside of the vessel.

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