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Thank you all ^^
To the Questions:

Originally Posted by HockeyGoalie35 View Post
To make new hudarms, would you have to make a whole new 3d model? Btw, welcome
an say hi to Skip for me
No, we experimented with some stuff and found a solution without creating a whole new 3D modell, and I AM PfWSkip ^^

Originally Posted by mandalorin mercenary View Post there a release date for this mod? It looks awesome; can't wait for it to come out!
Not yet, but I think we will released it soon ^^

Originally Posted by mandalorin mercenary View Post
I noticed on Skip's channel there was a vid where someone was an AT-TE...anyone know how they did this?
Yes, I know how to xD

Originally Posted by frazscotland View Post
yeh i cant wait for the ATTE vs SPIDER DROID mod heavyweight heaven thatl be haha
but theyl need to make a big modmap for it..
I dont think that we will make a mod like this, because it was just a little fun act to change the Playermesh to an AT-TE. Thats no stuff for a relay good mod...

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