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Cylax backed to the side of the room to allow Slate to do what he needed to do. As he stood there watching over the group he noticed something different. He saw Lyna leave, and the helmeted jedi was looking for a room...but where was the hooded man? Once again he had managed to disappear from the group. Now that he had nothing to do, Cylax's mind was free to wander which meant he could focus on this man. Slowly he began putting pieces together. He wasn't sure if he had seen the man on Socorro, but he was with the group when Cylax caught up to them. Not only that but he managed to take down the sith girl with ease, perhaps it was a betrayal. He also showed interest in the girl's safety, and he stayed behind which was just convenient for him as there was yet another sith encounter. It wasn't a perfect theory, but it seemed to fit and explain how the sith kept finding them.

"I'll leave you all to this, now if you'll excuse me I think we have a traitor amongst the group. I think I'm going to have a little chat with him."

With that Cylax exited the room and began his search for this man.
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