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Lyna was now in Rawk's hangar. She looked around, trying to find a ship to go inside. As she walked, she saw the ship she was looking for.

Rawk's old shuttle.

The young woman smiled to herself. She then sighed. "Sorry, Rawk. But I have to do this." Lyna went to his ship, wondering how to get in. Suddenly, she saw the old little astromech droid, R2-D2. The young woman went to him. "Hey, Artoo? Can you open this shuttle for me, please?"

Artoo whirled his head at the shuttle. Then looked back at Lyna. "Dweep do dwee?" he asked.

"Um... it's for checking. Rawk wanted me to run a check, so I volunteered." Artoo didn't say anything. Then he nodded. He went to to the shuttle and unlocked the ramp. Lyna smiled. "Thanks, Artoo. You're the best." She gave the little droid a peck on the head, making the droid beep happily. He twirled around and rolled away.

Lyna, along with Cyan, walked in the shuttle, closing the ramp from behind. Getting into the cockpit, she sat down and started up the shuttle. The lights finally came on. Then, starting the console, she could hear the engines going on very well. "Perfect..." Lyna whispered with a smile. She was ready to go away from here...


"Good night young one. If I am still here perhaps we shall discuss some of our traditions in the morning."

Micah stood there, speechless. For his first time, maybe ever since, he saw another Cathar. He gulped, still surprised. "Good night, ma'am..." And with that, he went off to his room.

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