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Originally Posted by ds615 View Post
MysteriousStrange, do you happen to have anything describing the .efx file functions?
I'm having a heck of a time figuring them out, and there is no where I can find that tells me what the lines do, what the optional parameters are, and so on.

I have effectsEd already, I don't like it. At all. I perfer to do it with notepad, but like I say, some reference would be helpful.

Well, I just learned it by trial and error, but I'll try to help you; when I have time this afternoon, I'll write up some instructions.
Many of the lines speak for themselves, basically - 'count' indicates how many particles are spawned, 'life' denotes after how many milliseconds they disappear - so you could probably already start tweaking things just to see if you like it.

Edit: I couldn't attach it so I've uploaded it here:
I hope it's clear enough. This isn't all there's to it, of course, but it's a good start.

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