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Originally Posted by Astor View Post
According to the advert i've just seen, I believe they're called 'Snuggies' over here, and you can get them from ASDA or your nearest JML stockist.
There's actually a difference between the two. The main difference is cost and quality. Slankets cost $15-20 more but are a lot bigger and warmer. And I've worn both, snuggies are as useful as wearing an old beat up towel for warmth. Slankets have the warmth of a very warm blanket and are much longer reaching, I'm a tall person and it still drags on the floor when I wear it like a robe. Also, slankets come in waaaaay cooler designs.
Like mine looks like this
Thats right, its a pirate slanket.
And they sell slankets on skymall, the mall of the Gods.

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