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Originally Posted by LordOfTheFish View Post
Just out of curiosity, how many people on here over the age of 13 watch this show regularly?
I do.

Originally Posted by Darth Banana View Post
I watch it, but i think Anakin is just the same jerk he always was. Heres my input: LucasFilm was so embarrased when Emo whiny skywalker was criticized, so they wanted to make him seem not that way. By making him seem less emo, it just elevates the fact that he was emo. Even if LF tries to make him seem less whiny, the fact still remains. He may not be as whiny in the Clone Wars, but he still a prissy little jerk.
Wrong. They did it this way because for some reason, Anakin was known during the war as Hero of the Republic. And we didn't got to see that during the movies. As well as his great friendship with Obi-Wan as stated on ANH, which by seeing the way he behaves during the prequels, makes no sense.

Originally Posted by Darth Banana View Post
Now Ahsoka on the other hand should have been older, but still have the same personality. Now that I can see.
If she was older, and didn't have a master by then, she would have been on AgriCorps or something like that...

Originally Posted by Darth Banana View Post
The clone wars is okay, but it is just the same story: Save the Galaxy from the Evil Seperatists. If the series were darker, and for teenagers and up, that would apply to my taste
Why do you like Star Wars movies? Because they are "dark and for teenagers and up"?

Originally Posted by Shem View Post
I'm not going to say specially who, and not necessarily in this thread at all, but it would seem like shows that are more focused on a younger audience gets on other people's nerves as if they will be looked at as immature people if they like it, as if they won't be view as grownups if they admit they like a show like this one. So they nit pick at it to try to prove their maturity. I know that is something that would happen if you're a teenager when everybody is going through so many changes and most everybody is insecure about themselves, but we're you become grownups, you have to remember that most anybody who is secure in themselves won't care anymore.

I can actually go and watch a kids movie with some of my younger nieces and nephews and totally enjoy it. But that's me. Mostly because there is an innocence about it that you don't get in an adult show that is actually refreshing.
Well said.

Originally Posted by True_Avery View Post
I'm just not really in the age group it was aimed at.
Well, I'm not in the age group Star Wars movies were aimed at. But I love them nonetheless.

Originally Posted by Te Darasuum Mandalor View Post
true, but she will die sometime within two more seasons or so.
How do you know that? She can be delivered to another master (Plo Koon comes to mind)
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