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The advantage of a hot water bottle over heating is that it saves energy -- you warm up the area underneath your blankets/duvet rather than all of the outside.

a hot water bottle is something people who aren't married or are old to warm themselves up. Its like this plastic thing you fill with hot water from a kettle, and then you put a cover over it and sleep with it so it will warm you up.
Well, modern hotty botties are actually made of rubber, so that they're flexible and huggable. I'm not sure it's only for peoiple who are old or unmarried, either; I imagine that even people who share beds can still be a little chilly under the covers on cold winter nights. Of course, you can survive well enough without extra heat under your covers, but is nice to be extra warm, and farting will only do so much.

Hot Water Bottles will also ease a bad back, or any other ache or pain. They are, I am told, sometimes used for "women's problems."

Here's an example to help the convince the hotty-haters that they are missing out: if you have a double bed, or a wide single bed, you can put your hotty botty in an area of the bed away from you, wait for it to get really mattress-meltingly hot, and then remove the hot water bottle, and roll into the warm area. Ah, bliss!

The whole concept is lost on me. I'm honestly shocked and alittle saddened that people still use them.

Dammit, 10 years ago i was told we'd have flying cars by now, and people are still using hot water bottles?
Hot water bottle have nothing to do with progress. If we were all driving hover cars and living on the moon I would still like to feel extra warm and comfortable under my covers. It's a simple pleasure, like hearing the wind howl down your chimney, or the sound of rain on a tin roof.

Also, no Yoda love?
I come from a faraway and arcane land known as "Mixnmojo." It is not our custom to have "Yoda love" there.
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