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Haruka looked back and saw too youn men. It was expected as she was a Battle Suit pilot herself. One of them was japanese and she grinned to the fact. There were many japanese in the MDN but most were technitians or had administrative jobs, not too many were in the army. She was kinda glad to see another japanese in the Mobile Unit. She got up from her seat and walked over to a firearm that was about 8 times her size. She was inspecting the barrel and the trigger to see if they were in good condition. She then walked over to Ramirez and first saluted the new unit members very quickly and casually.

"Sir, weapons are in pristine condition", Haruka said.

"Thank you Chief Suzuhara", Ramirez said and when the young men saluted him, he saluted back. "At ease gentlemen."

Ramirez then stood before them.

"Welcome to the Victory Facility. Of course you may know it from it's japanese name but I suck in japanese so I call it so. This is Chief Haruka Suzuhara, you may know her father, the famous Doctor Naoki Suzuhara inventor of the Brain-to-AI interface that you've trained on. Chief Suzuhara and her father have done several modifications since to all battle suits making the "lag" you get when controlling them almost unexistant now. She will also be joining you on missions as she is a remarkable pilot."

Haruka took a step forward.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Haruka, I am supervisor of the Battle Suit project here in Shōri Facility. I also pilot Aegis jou ichi, I mean Aegis 11. You can call me on the field Phyxius as it is my pilot callsign", Haruka said.

The installation wasn't cold in fact it was warm but she was wearing a sweater and black stockings. Which to most people would seem weird.

"I am General Ramirez and I am incharge of this facility and I will be coordinating your efforts in the missions we are to undertake. Please introduce yourselves gentlemen", Ramirez said.

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