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Xaiver had looked over to see a Japanese kid, probably the same age as him standing next to him. He nodded to the kid before turning back to the man. Now there man was joined by a girl in a black sweater with black stockings to match. He raised his right eyebrow noticing it wasn't that hot but then again he had his uncle's pilot jacket on so he really couldn't say anything on the matter. Regardless of the odd choice in clothing the girl was pretty cute. He focused his attention back on the man who was talking about the girl and her father had fixed the lag which was great news to hear, but he wasn't aware there was any lag. When he had used Nova in the training, he felt as if he and the machine had become one warrior. Xaiver just shrugged his shoulders as he let the man continue speaking. The girl introduced herself as Haruka and she was the pilot of Aegis 11. He had only seen that thing of beauty once during his days training and it was one of the most magnificent performances he had ever seen, and now he was going to get to fight alongside her.

"I am General Ramirez and I am incharge of this facility and I will be coordinating your efforts in the missions we are to undertake. Please introduce yourselves gentlemen"

The General's crisp voice broke Xaiver's train of thought as he snapped back to the real world. Xaiver took a step forward to introduce himself.

"I'm Xaiver Stryker, and I used the Nova Battle Suit during training. My pilot callsign is Psycho, and I'm in charge of making the enemy regret fighting us." Xaiver said with an added smile.
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